Thursday, 5 March 2009

Nokia N96

Say hello to the next “must have”…the Nokia N96. There will however be a little wait as it is not expected to start being shipped until the third quarter of 2008. But it will be worth waiting for as the N96 looks like it will be as big if not a bigger seller than it’s older brother; the N95.
Immediately you can see both the similarities and the differences between the N95 and N96. Both dual opening slide technology, with each slide revealing different buttons. On the main face, there is a slight difference control and navigation buttons. In reality however, it looks like the main differences are on the inside.
The video recording in very clear definition. Displaying them on the screen won’t disappoint. It has a 16M colour screen, it would have to have a screen that clear if you want to play your movies on it!

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