Friday, 6 March 2009

Kamis, 2009 Februari 19 Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia N800 is the follow-up with compressed Internet of Nokia 770, building on the platform of Maemo Linux developed by Nokia. N800 employs the third incarnation of Maemo, called edition 2007 of OS of compressed Internet which adds some new devices to the edition 2006 (which was in oneself an enormous improvement above the original platform).It is harshly the same size as its predecessor - measurements of Nokia N800 75×144x13mm and weighs 206 grams. The 770 were 230 grams in its protective case, and 185 grams without him. N800 divides the same thing display excelé of the Pixel 800×480 of its predecessor. it is a display very of high resolution which puts competition at shame. N800 adds a webcam more of the improvements to the execution of WiFi and Bluetooth of the tablet.

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