Thursday, 5 March 2009

E9 2-in-1 China Mobile Folder Phone is a Rubbery

Among our advertisers, Totobay is the most tireless supplier of interesting phones from China. One of their lates announcements is bound to amaze and amuse at the same time. The E9 “2-in-1 Folder Phone” (my own nickname for it) would definitely appeal to business users looking for a cheaper E90 Communicator originally made by Nokia. China Mobile’s E9 boasts an external 2.2-inch screen and an internal 2.8-inch screen. Both screens are touch-sensitive. The QWERTY keyboard is inside, but when you open up the phone it’s not the “rubberized” keyboard you notice notice but the internal screen which looks just like the iPhone.
This is what the GUI looks like:

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